Firewood Delivery Services

Here at Schnell Tree Service LLC, we like to think of ourselves as Raleigh’s wood experts. We specialize in the management, preservation, and recycling of trees, and a natural extension of this is to provide top quality firewood delivery to our Raleigh customers. There are few things more pleasurable than a fire on a cold night, and our firewood delivery service will make sure that you have all the wood you need to stay warm all winter.

We love what we do, and we value the relationships we build with our customers. We love having the opportunity to meet new people and showing them why our services are worth the cost. For honest, reliable firewood delivery in the Raleigh area, you know you can trust Schnell Tree Service. If you have any questions about firewood delivery or any of other services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Order Firewood Delivery Today

Keeping Your Home Warm With Residential Firewood Delivery Service

Count on us for high-quality firewood delivered right to your front door, guaranteeing a warm and cozy home throughout the colder seasons. With our prompt and efficient service, all you need to do is call and request the number of bundles you need, and we'll prepare them for delivery.

Raleigh homeowners know we're the go-to service for firewood delivery due to our promptness, reliability, and commitment to providing only the highest quality wood. Feed your fireplace and keep your home fully heated with our top-notch kindling and firewood provision service!

Helping Local Businesses With Commercial Firewood Delivery Service

Raleigh business owners can trust us for dependable, top-quality commercial firewood delivery. Our service ensures you have a steady supply of firewood for your business needs, whether for a restaurant, lodge, or any other commercial establishment. We've established a stellar reputation for being the most trusted source of fireplace fuel in town, resulting from our on-time deliveries and top-of-the-line customer service.

Need firewood? Call now! We'll quickly place your order and get it ready for the conveniently fast delivery service you expect.

Enjoy Fast Firewood Delivery

The Schnell Tree Service LLC team values you as a customer, so we go the extra mile to satisfy your needs. We prioritize fast service to ensure you have firewood delivered directly to you without unnecessary delays.

No more dealing with inconvenient delivery schedules or having to venture out into the cold to source your own firewood. With us, it's all about efficiency and punctuality. Our drivers are well-versed in navigating the local area, ensuring that your firewood arrives promptly, whether you reside in the heart of the city or on its outskirts.

Keep your home or business cozy and comfortable without the wait by choosing our fast firewood delivery today. Call now to get your order started and on the way to your location!

Proud Providers of Same-Day Firewood Delivery

Our same-day service ensures you never have to wait for the wood you need. If you contact us early enough in the day, we'll place your order on the delivery list for that day. Our drivers are always readily available to pack and go, and we keep them prepared with bundles of wood, so all they need to do is load them in their vehicle.

If you happen to call near the end of the day, we'll do our best to add your order to the last delivery time so you can get the wood at the time you need it.

Ready to place an order? Call us today, and one of our friendly team members will be happy to help you.

Flexible Wood Delivery Time

As part of our unwavering commitment to customer service, we aim to be flexible with our delivery times. If you prefer to be home when the delivery takes place so you can store the wood in your preferred area, we’ll work with you on the timing to ensure you’re ready to receive your delivery. We’re more than happy to change the date or work around your timing to find something convenient for your schedule. We got into the business of wood delivery to add a little convenience to our customers' lives, so we’ll happily go the extra mile to stay committed to our goal of convenient firewood delivery.

How Much Firewood Do You Need for Camping?

When planning a camping trip, the amount of firewood needed depends on the duration of the trip and the intended use. For a weekend camping excursion with a small campfire for ambiance and cooking, a quarter to a half-face cord of firewood is typically sufficient. However, if the campfire will be the primary heat source, a full-face cord or more may be necessary, especially in colder weather conditions.

Regardless of how much firewood you need, you can trust that we have what you require in our inventory.

How Much Firewood Do I Need for Winter?

The quantity of firewood required for winter heating is based on the size of the home, the efficiency of the wood-burning appliance, and the desired indoor temperature. As a general guideline, a well-insulated home may require between 3 and 6 face cords of firewood to heat it throughout the winter season. However, it's essential to consider the specific circumstances.

Whether you need firewood on demand or have run out and need a small supply, we have an abundance to get you through the winter, and we'll deliver it right to your doorstep.

What Firewood Is Best for Long Burning?

Dense hardwoods are the preferred choice for extended burn times and maximum heat output. Oak, maple, and ash are among the best options for long-burning fires due to their high density and low moisture content. These hardwoods not only burn longer but also produce more heat per cord compared to softwoods like pine or fir.

All of our firewood can be used in diverse settings, such as fireplaces, campfires, and backyard firepits. When you call for delivery service, let us know if you have requirements.

What Types of Firewood Are Available for Delivery?

We source a wide range of wood species to keep our supply diverse. While the specific varieties may vary based on availability and location, you can expect to find popular options sourced from trees found in our standard in our local climate.

To learn more about the current selection and pricing, ask us for the most up-to-date information.

What Are the Minimum Order Quantities for Firewood Delivery?

Our firewood delivery service aims to accommodate customers with varying needs. There is no minimum order quantity required as long as the order meets the minimum package size, which is typically one face cord or a similar unit.

This flexibility allows customers to order the exact amount of firewood they need, whether for a small backyard fire pit or a larger heating requirement.

For specific pricing and delivery details based on the desired quantity, customers are encouraged to contact our team directly.

Firewood Delivery That Includes Stacking Services

We want to make your firewood delivery as easy as possible, and that’s why we’ll be happy to stack the face cord of firewood wherever you need it. Whether in your woodshed, next to your outdoor fire pit, or any other convenient location on your property, our team will ensure the firewood is neatly stacked and ready for use.

Efficient Wood Delivery Service

If you're in a pinch and need wood delivered immediately, we're always happy to work with you to make that happen. Our team of drivers always delivers at set times every day, and if your order misses the cut-off, we're happy to add it to the following delivery. If you need to change the delivery address last minute, don't hesitate to contact our office, and we’ll make sure that your wood gets where it needs to go.

We value every customer we serve, so if there’s anything we can do to make the delivery service smoother for you, please let us know! All you need to do is contact our office, and we’ll happily place an order for you right away.

Professional Wood Delivery Drivers

Here at Schnell Tree Service LLC, we pride ourselves on being the firewood delivery service that local residents rely on to keep their fireplaces fully stocked. One of the main pillars of our exceptional service is ensuring we hire the most professional drivers in the area. When you order wood from Schnell Tree Service LLC, you can expect our drivers to arrive on time and offload your product in the requested spot. You can expect nothing less than a high-quality delivery service with us, from our friendly phone representatives to our efficient, hard-working delivery drivers.

Competitive Prices for Efficient Wood Delivery Service

With the average cost of goods and services going up, we can understand how important it is for our customers to try and save money. Our goal is to always keep our prices as competitive as possible and based on market standards. We value every one of our customers and show our appreciation by providing them with fair prices on wood and delivery.

The Best Local Wood Delivery Service

If supporting reputable local companies is a principle you stand by, then working with Schnell Tree Service LLC is the way to go. Wood is a leading Canadian natural resource that we should all be able to take advantage of with a stable supply of high-quality, locally sourced timber. Everything about our business model is local—something that helps our business stand out. We got into the firewood delivery business to fill a much-needed service gap and help our community become more reliant on local resources.

If you're interested in premium service that supports local businesses, you've come to the right place. We welcome you to contact our office to place your order.

Seasoned and Dry Firewood Delivered to Your Door

At Schnell Tree Service LLC, we aren't just a tree removal and firewood delivery service-we're wood experts. We know that our firewood needs to be dried and seasoned to provide our customers with the best possible product.

Whether you're ordering firewood to prepare for next winter or your current wood pile is running low, our team provides prompt and friendly firewood delivery services. As many customers know, seasoning firewood can take three to twelve months to ensure it burns optimally. Our team has developed a process to ensure that our customers always receive appropriately dried wood ready to burn easily.

When you hire us for firewood delivery, you can expect to receive the following:

  • Honest price estimates
  • Friendly customer service
  • Safe and efficient deliveries
  • Properly seasoned firewood
  • Sustainably acquired logs
  • ...and much more!

Reliable Firewood Delivery

When you hire Schnell Tree Service LLC for firewood delivery, you receive enough wood to keep you warm through the winter. Our sparkling reputation has been built through years of hard work, dedication to our customers, and a commitment to reliable service.

We know that being a top service requires providing a high-quality product but also demands staying true to our word. Our delivery drivers will arrive on time, transfer the firewood onto your property, and work hard to provide a seamless handoff. We're one of the top firewood delivery services available, and our team will do everything possible to earn your business.

Stay Warm with Firewood Delivery Services

While some may be skeptical of the need for firewood delivery services, Schnell Tree Service LLC has been in business for years and has helped countless customers stay warm through the winter. We appreciate that many of our clients either don't have trees available to them for firewood or lack the necessary equipment to create and season logs for the winter.

Our team collects and delivers firewood safely and cleanly according to state-wide preservation regulations. Our friendly service team will gladly answer any questions you may have about our deliveries, and we look forward to hearing from you!

Customer-Oriented Firewood Deliveries

When you need firewood delivered but aren't sure how much you'll need to keep the fire going, the team at Schnell Tree Service LLC can help. Not only do we offer efficient deliveries, but our customer-oriented approach to service helps ensure we provide the best possible product to our clients.

We can advise our customers on the ideal amount of firewood for their particular stove and burning needs and transport the logs in material that minimizes the mess caused by transferring them to your property.

Sustainable Firewood Delivery

As tree and wood specialists, the team at Schnell Tree Service LLC appreciates the need for sustainable practices. Our firewood delivery typically consists of logs from trees that have fallen or been repurposed from our contracting work.

We work hard to avoid using wood from endangered or rare tree species, and our seasoned firewood deliveries ensure that no logs are wasted. Burning unseasoned wood is usually unsuccessful because it retains too much moisture. Our dried logs burn efficiently, so you won't have to worry about wasting wood or contributing to unstainable firewood practices.

How should I store my firewood?

Firewood should be stored on level ground somewhere with good air circulation and where it will be protected from rain. For most people, this is outdoors under an awning or in a garage if they have enough space. It should be stacked away from the wall to allow air to flow behind it.

Call Us for Local Firewood Delivery in Raleigh

Our delivery team is here to meet all your firewood needs, regardless of the size of your order. Whether you require a small stack for a weekend getaway or a bulk supply to keep your home warm throughout the winter, we've got you covered.

Placing an order with us is simple. All you need to do is give us a ring, and we'll take down your order details. We'll provide you with an estimated delivery time before we let you go so you can be prepared for our arrival. So don't wait-pick up the phone and get in touch with the most trusted firewood delivery company in Raleigh.

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