Is there a stubborn stump on your property in Southern Pines?

When you need dependable, efficient stump removal and grinding services, look no further than Schnell Tree Service LLC.

Our team has the resources and qualifications to swiftly remove the stump taking up space in your home or business’s yard.

For a free consultation and estimate, contact Schnell Tree Service LLC today!

Safe, Rapid Stump Removal

Stump grinding is not an easy task. It requires state-of-the-art equipment, safe workmanship, and a meticulous approach.

As an industry-leading arborist in Southern Pines, Schnell Tree Service LLC is dedicated to providing home and business owners in Southern Pines with all their tree-related needs.

While we specialize in all types of tree services, including tree treatments, trimming and pruning, there comes a time when a tree must be removed. A dead or damaged tree presents significant and immediate risks to the property owners.

Each day, Schnell Tree Service LLC assists clients in Southern Pines with tree and trunk removal services. We recognize the urgency of these services, and we are committed to acting swiftly to prevent any potential problems.

When a tree is removed, trunk removal is not necessary but is certainly recommended. Stump grinding and removal will offer a number of practical and aesthetic advantages to your Southern Pines property.

Let Schnell Tree Service LLC’s exceptional customer service and attention to detail benefit you. Contact us today!

Reasons to Choose Stump Removal

Stump grinding and removal is important for many reasons.

First and foremost, stumps are unsightly. They take up space in your yard and detract attention from other features of your Southern Pines yard.

Tree stumps can also present a significant danger on your property. They are a tripping hazard and an obstacle when mowing the lawn or doing general property maintenance. Particularly if you have small children, promptly removing tree trunks is wise.

Lastly, tree stumps can have some bothersome consequences for property owners. Tree trunks are rotting and decomposing, and as a result they attract insects and pests into your yard. Stumps also cause new tree growth, and the shoots may require chemical removal.

There’s essentially no advantage to having a tree trunk remaining on your property. If you’ve had a tree removed, keep your property safe and beautiful by removing the tree trunk.

Call Schnell Tree Service LLC for any of your trunk grinding and removal needs!

Stump Grinding Process

Schnell Tree Service LLC arrive at your Southern Pines property with all the equipment needed to perform your stump grinding.

A stump grinder uses a rotating cutting disc that cuts and chips away at wood. We remove not only the trunk but also the root systems and vegetation.

Ordinarily, stump grinding goes 16 inches below grade, ensuring that all that is left is lawn and earth.

The empty hole will then be refilled with dirt and wood chips. The stump grinding process generally takes between fifteen minutes and two hours.

In no time, your cumbersome tree stump will be completely moved and you’ll be left with beautiful lawn space for gardens, shrubs, or even a new tree.

For the most dependable stump grinding and tree services in Southern Pines, contact Schnell Tree Service LLC today!

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