Fayetteville property owners trust Schnell Tree Service LLC for commercial and residential tree removal services that are safe, affordable, and efficient. We’ve established ourselves in the industry as the first-choice arborists for all-encompassing value. You’ll appreciate our competitive rates, in-depth tree knowledge, fast turnaround times, and personable service.

Reach out to us at (910) 323-8733 to speak with one of our team members and request a no-obligation quote.


No-Obligation Tree Inspections and Quotes

When you contact us, we’ll come to your location free of charge to inspect your property and give you an upfront estimate of the cost of the tree removal service. Our certified professionals will conduct an in-depth inspection and identify any underlying issues that may be affecting the health of your trees. All our staff members are knowledgeable and seasoned experts. You can count on our unbiased advice on the safest and most cost-effective course of action for your property.

When we have a firm grasp on the scope of the project at hand, we’ll give you an accurate cost estimate of the job, should you choose to move forward with us. We operate our business with honesty and integrity—you can expect the figure we give you to match the figure on your final invoice.

Fast and Efficient Tree Removal

As soon as we’ve reached an agreement, we’ll book a service time with you that is convenient for your schedule. On the day of your service, our crew will arrive promptly at the pre-arranged time and ready to get to work.

We respect your time. We’ll get straight to work securing the area and extracting the hazardous tree quickly and efficiently. Thanks to our large working crews and state-of-the-art machinery and equipment, this process shouldn’t take long. We are leaders in our field and consistently deliver some of the fastest turnaround times on the market.

By the way, our work isn’t finished when the tree is cut down. We respect our clients’ properties by hauling and disposing of the felled tree off-site and diligently cleaning up any remaining branches and debris.

Emergency Tree Removal

A dead tree can pose a severe risk to one’s property and personal safety. That’s why Schnell Tree Service LLC is proud to offer emergency tree removal services. We’re in this line of business because we want to give back to our local community. We want to protect it, keep it safe, preserve its natural beauty. When a dead tree stands in the way of that, we make it our mission to clear it quickly, safely, and correctly. That way, we can make sure that all stakeholders—homeowners, neighbors, business owners—can have the peace of mind they deserve.

We prioritize cases where clients and properties are in immediate danger. If you require emergency tree removal, contact our office now.

Licensed Arborists at Your Service

Our arborists are licensed, insured, and certified to perform all scopes and sizes of tree removal projects. As a company, we take every precaution to ensure our operations adhere to the highest standards of safety. We’ve specially designed every step of our tree removal process to safeguard our clients from harm and potential damages optimally.

Your safety is at the heart of everything we do. We provide all the assurance necessary to ensure the job will be done right. Rest assured, because with us, you are in the safest hands.

Landscape Preservation

We always strive to save a living tree rather than remove it. Using a range of preservation strategies, we’ve managed to save countless trees from death.

If your tree is in failing health, we’ll be happy to take a look and see what we can do to rescue it. In some cases, with effective restoration treatments and trimming, you can save your landscape and avoid tree removal altogether. Our intensive tree inspection process will determine if saving your tree is a viable option. If so, we can assist you in implementing strategies, such as cabling and bracing, to restore your tree and help it to grow strong and healthy again.

Eco-Friendly Treatment Solutions

Our tree rescue strategies rely on safe and environmentally-friendly treatment techniques. We refrain from using destructive chemicals that may cause damage to the surrounding area, and we always avoid harming nearby vegetation. When a tree must be removed, we either find a suitable location to replace it, or we repurpose it by grinding it into an organic mulch. Either way, it goes back into the earth for future growth.

Tree Removal Experts

Here at Schnell Services, we can help you with your tree removal needs. With many years of experience, we feel confident that we can help you with whatever tree problem you have on your hands!

As you know, nature can be harsh. Strong winds and storms can easily damage trees on your property. Other times, it is just a stubborn, unsightly stump that you need to get rid of. In either case, we here at Schnell Services in Raleigh can fix the problem. We also offer emergency tree removal services so you can rest assured that we will be at your location to fix the problem as efficiently as possible. When you partner with us, you will benefit from our experienced and licensed arborists who can get the job done right, the first time. We always know the right fix for any situation regarding your trees.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional to Remove Your Tree:

  • Saves time and money: Not only is removing a large tree time consuming, it is also extremely dangerous. Old or rotting trees can cause serious damage to passersby if not done correctly. When you call Schnell Services, we do the hard work for you in a safe manner. We will save you money by doing the job properly. You won't waste money paying for repairs!
  • Creates a safe environment for your children: Trees that have been growing a long time may pose many hazards for you and your family. For example, roots may grow uncontrollably and weaken the structure of your house from underneath, or stray branches might snap under heavy winds, which can lead to a damaged power line. Worse yet, a falling branch may injure a child who is playing nearby, or they can potentially trip on an already fallen branch. Don’t let such problems affect your home or your family. With our team on the job, you can be sure all your trees will be safe for the future.
  • Enhances the appearance of your property: Every homeowner has leaves covering their property, or protruding branches obstructing a view. Both leaves and branches serve as a potential home for rodents, centipedes, spiders and other unwanted pests. Not to mention, they can seriously hurt the value of your property to would-be buyers. Removing an unwanted tree from your property will significantly increase curb appeal.

Remove Your Unwanted Tree Today!

There are a few tasks that any homeowner can take on, tree removal is not one of them. Why risk injury or property damage? If you want all your services to be done in a professional and expedient manner, we urge you to contact us at Schnell Services. Our aim is to be by your side whenever you need us. We guarantee you that our state-of-the-art equipment will do your tree removal job fast and efficiently and our knowledgeable team of arborists will consult you and solve the problem no matter what the situation. We will gladly provide you with a quote and answer any questions that you may have in regard to the condition of a tree on your property.

All of Schnell Services’ arborists are experienced and licensed, so you can trust them to remove your problematic tree without risking any damage to your property. There are plenty of companies and contractors that say they can remove your tree without any issues. However, unless they can show you their certifications and accreditations, can you really trust them to get the job done correctly? If they cut corners on receiving the proper training, who can say they won’t cut corners on the job as well?

These low-rent contractors promising to remove your tree for cheap may have successfully removed a tree in the past, but are they familiar with the occupational safety standards and equipment maintenance schedules?

You wouldn’t trust a general contractor to fix your car. You would bring it to a mechanic. So why would you trust anyone but an experienced arborist to take care of your tree removal? For stellar, experienced tree removal services, call us today.

Tree Removal Cost

When pricing the cost for your tree services, we look into multiple factors. Because of this, it’s important to describe the situation to the best of your ability over the phone or have one of our qualified arborists stop by to provide you with a free estimate.

For example, some trees are harder to deal with than others. Oak trees are one of the most durable trees around and can also grow to be very tall. If you need an oak tree removed from your property, pricing can range from a couple hundred dollars up to a thousand.

Height and durability play a large part in cost, as well as the difficulty of a project. Branch removal sits at the low end, with fallen trees in the middle, and entire tree removal including tree stump removal exists at the higher end of the spectrum.

So, while Schnell Services cannot provide accurate tree removal costs without description or inspection, assume that a larger, older tree that is damaged rather than felled is going to cost you more than a dead, fallen tree.

Five Reasons Why You Need to Remove a Dead Tree

Trees don’t simply supply us with oxygen. They can provide some much-needed relief from the sun on hot summer days, a home for local wildlife or simply add esthetic value to a property. Still, if a tree has been decimated by harsh winds, violent storms, wood-boring bugs or inadequate nutrients, it’s worthwhile getting it removed.

Here are five reasons why you need remove a dead tree:

1. Dead trees attract pests

When a tree dies, it still provides shelter for local wildlife. While it might be nice to have a family of Northern Cardinals nesting on your property, your dead tree won’t only attract desirable animals. The dead tree could just as easily provide a new home for rats or termites. And with your warm home just a stone’s throw away, it might not be long before they begin making their way into your home.

2. Dead trees are ugly

Without accounting for taste, dead trees are not esthetically pleasing. Curb appeal, i.e., the attractiveness of a property when it is viewed from the street, is incredibly important for homeowners looking to sell or businesses to simply run on a daily basis. Getting rid of a dead tree will ensure it no longer detracts from your property’s curb appeal.

3. Tree diseases are contagious

If your tree died from a tree disease, such as thousand cankers disease or laurel wilt, other plants in the area can also contract the disease. If your diseased tree is left unattended, your entire landscape may need a massive overhaul in the future. Save yourself the money and the stress by getting rid of the dead tree before it passes on its disease to the entire garden.

4. Falling branches

Dead trees have weak branches. On any given day, it doesn’t matter if it’s windy, stormy or clear, branches may fall. The damage to your home and property could be astronomical. Not to mention, if a neighbor or a family member walks beneath the tree, they could suffer a serious injury.

5. Dead trees topple

As if falling branches aren’t bad enough. Decay and decomposition compromise a tree’s structural integrity. A dead tree toppling over could damage your home, a neighbor’s property and injure anyone in the vicinity.

There is too much risk involved in leaving a dead tree unattended on your property. So, call us today to find out how we can help you at your convenience.

Do I Need Tree Removal Services?

At Schnell Services, we understand better than most that it can be difficult deciding to removal a tree from your property. While some situations make removal obviously necessary such as a tree being hit by lightning, or being felled by an intense storm, other signs are not so clear.

If your tree has grown too close to power lines, or has started to lean and shift, get in touch with our arborists for an inspection. Your tree may need to be removed. At the very least, part of it may have to go. If your tree has an abnormal amount of fungi growing at the base or is visibly damaged, you are likely just putting off the inevitable.

Trees are a beautiful addition to any property, but when they have to go, they have to go. Call us for our professional tree services and get the honest answer you’re looking for.

Safe and Affordable Tree Removal

When you’re looking for safe and affordable tree removal services in Fayetteville, look no further than Schnell Services. In business since 2006, we pride ourselves on being our clients’ go-to choice for all of their tree and tree stump removal services.

Like with anything, there’s a right way and a wrong way to remove dead or damaged trees and tree stumps. Our arborists are certified in safety and have the experience and equipment to get the job done efficiently no matter how complicated the situation is.

Don’t risk your safety and don’t risk damaging your home or property. Our services are priced reasonably, and our team is professional and friendly. Looking to learn more or book your tree removal services? Give us a call today!

Start with a Tree Inspection Today

We know that we are your best choice for tree removal services in the Fayetteville area. Don’t take our word for it though—experience it for yourself.

We’re offering you a no-obligation inspection for your tree. Contact us, and we’ll come to your location, assess the condition of your tree, and explain to you your best course of action. We’ll help you weigh the advantages of different options before providing a quote for our services.

We’ll also be happy to answer any questions you may have. At Schnell Tree Service LLC, we want to help our clients make informed purchasing decisions. We’ll make sure you know your options, and we’ll make sure to prove to you why we’re the team you want servicing your trees. Take advantage and book an inspection today.

Stump Removal Services

Have you been reading this whole page while wondering to yourself, “What happens to the stump once the tree is removed?”

Well, you’re not alone. Stump removal is an integral part of tree removal—one that is often a major concern for our clients. The problem is that the roots on a large tree reach so far into the ground that they are almost impossible to remove without leaving behind a massive crater. Do you want a giant hole on your property? We didn’t think so.

Instead of physically removing the stump, we use a machine that is known as a stump grinder. Once the above-ground portion of the tree has been removed, we will grind the stump down so that it is level with the earth. That way, you won’t have to worry about tripping over it in the dark or running into it with the lawnmower. Out of sight, out of mind.

Stump grinding is usually the final stage of tree removal. However, if you have an old stump on your property that you’d like removed, we will be happy to deal with it for you. Simply give us a call and ask for a quote!

Responsive Tree Removal Team

When the tree on your property gets damaged in a storm or by illness, it can pose an immediate risk to everyone in the vicinity. To mitigate these risks, our quick-response tree removal team is perfect. We are well-known for being one of the most responsive and fast-acting tree services in the region. We’ll be there when you call.

After all, it’s in our name! Did you know that schnell means fast in German? And as all our clients can affirm, we truly are the Schnell Tree Service LLC—indeed, we’re the fastest in the whole county!

If you are having problems with your tree and need a responsive and responsible tree service, look no further. We offer same day replies and accept pictures of damaged trees or dangerous stumps by text 24/7. Call us now!

Professional Tree Services

Professionalism, for us, means a lot more than the certification and training. Sure, everyone on the team is professionally trained to do the job, but to us, professional means offering a comprehensive service that checks all the boxes. What does that mean?

  • We arrive on time
  • We offer accurate quotes
  • We work safely
  • We are friendly
  • We are respectful and neat
  • We are polite, honest, and take pride in our work

Professionalism means customer satisfaction. Professionalism means referrals. Professionalism is just good business.

We built this company around the idea that integrity means everything—and to this day, that remains our top priority. We offer a great service that’s done properly, for a price that everyone can afford. If you’re not reaching your potential in everything you do, why are you doing it?

When you need help with the trees on your property, expect the best from Schnell Tree Service LLC. Call us now to get a quote.

Do I Need a Permit for Tree Removal?

In North Carolina, some trees are protected, and others require permitting to be removed legally. Our specialists stay up to date on all these specifications so that you don’t have to. During our complimentary tree assessment, we’ll determine:

  • What species the tree in question is and if it is protected
  • The size of the tree and the diameter of the trunk
  • The location of the tree on your property
  • What type of property zoning is in place at your address
  • If special equipment is necessary for a safe removal

Once we know these details, we’ll be able to let you know whether you will need permits before we can begin work or not. We also assist you with filling out the paperwork required to expedite the permit process. Get in touch with our team to learn more.

Large Tree Removal Expertise

Mature trees can be problematic to remove on your own because of their size and proximity to housing, streets, and other infrastructure. Due to the level of danger involved, we recommend hiring a large tree removal expert who is licensed and insured. This way, you can be sure your unwanted timber can be removed with precision, care, and the utmost attention to safety.

We use specialized safety equipment to tackle even the most complex removals. There are several different ways to remove a tree, depending on the circumstance. In some cases, tight spaces mean we will remove the top of the tree piece by piece, lowering each section to the ground with controlled ropes. In other cases, we can fell the tree traditionally, if there is a clear path for it to fall without causing any damage.

Do you have a large tree that is blocking your view or posing a potential hazard? Talk to our seasoned experts about cost-effective options for making it disappear from your life for good.

Stump Grinding Transforms Your Yard

Consider stump grinding as a value-driven alternative to ripping up several feet of your yard to remove stumps and their root systems with heavy machinery. Our nimble stump grinders remove stumps to below ground level, and we use the wood chips they provide to fill in the hole. In cases where leftover chips are lingering on the ground around the site, we will clean up the debris, remove it from your property, and safely dispose of it.

Phone our professionals to explore cost savings that align with your goals and budget.

Responsible Tree Fellers

When you hire our licensed and insured pros to be your tree fellers, we take our responsibility for getting the job done right very seriously. To that end, we take great care to plan and perform each step in the process precisely. We also go above and beyond not to disturb your neighbors during our work. However, the machines we use can be loud at times. For this reason, we supply you with the choice of flexible scheduling options. This way, you can choose a time for us to complete the work when it makes the most negligible impact on the daily activities of your street.

Fayetteville’s Top Tree Removal Company

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Don’t delay. No matter the size, condition, or placement of your tree, we’re confident we can help. Entrust the job to us, and we’ll see to it that your property is safe, your trees are kept in check, and all your needs are met. Knowledgeable, personable, dependable—we are the team for you.

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