Anyone who’s ever lived in Southern Pines knows just how important trees are to the character and beauty of this town. That importance is plain to see—after all, the town is named after trees! The choice to grow or maintain trees on your residential or commercial property is a simple one: trees bring shade, an attractive appearance, and increased curb appeal and property values.

But it’s not all upside all the time. Sometimes, trees outlive their states of good health. Sometimes they grow larger than the area they were planted in and cause damage to property. And sometimes, they can even knock down power lines or fall on roofs and cars.

In all these cases, it’s better to call for tree removal than to let nature run its course. That’s where Schnell Tree Service LLC comes in. We’re some of the most experienced arborists in Southern Pines offering a wide variety of tree services, including tree removal. If you have trees or stumps that need removing at your property, call us for a free estimate on our services.

Signs You Need Tree Removal

A damaged or decaying tree isn’t always easy to spot. Sometimes, the trees on your property may be perfectly healthy, but you’ll still be in need of tree removal due to the growth area or pattern.

If you notice any of these signs, call Schnell Tree Service LLC in to examine the trees on your property—one or more may need removing.

  • Leaning Trees. Trees are meant to grow straight up towards the sun. If they list or lean to one side, it’s a sign that something isn’t right—and it could be at risk of falling.
  • Damaged or sick trees. Fungus, dead or decaying leaves, or nesting insects could mean your tree is sick. Have a professional look at it to be sure.
  • Close to power or phone lines. Trees that grow around or into power or phone lines are very dangerous. They could break the wires, putting nearby persons at risk of electric shock.
  • Grown overtop your roof. If a tree grows over a roof, it will drop seeds, leaves, and branches, causing a big mess.
  • Weak or cramped root structure. If your tree’s roots are exposed and rotting or decaying, or if they have started to grow through concrete or your home’s foundation, it’s time to call in an arborist.
  • If you notice any of the above signs, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call us.

    Tree Removal Services

    From tree removal and stump grinding to aftercare and follow-up visits, Schnell Tree Service LLC is the undisputed expert in tree services for Southern Pines residents.

    Why not give us a call for a free estimate today? Or, dial our number and one of our tree experts will stop by to look at your property and decide whether you’re in need of tree removal.

    Call today for the best tree removal services near you!

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